Disclosure Scotland – fees waived for key workers during coronavirus

25th Arpil 2020

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Disclosure Scotland – fees waived for key workers during coronavirus

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), Disclosure Scotland has applied measures to help organisations safely recruit key workers and volunteers, such as scrapping its fees.

For an initial period of six weeks, Scottish Ministers have agreed to waive the disclosure fees for key workers, to help reduce financial pressures and delays resulting from payment issues. After this period, the measure will undergo review and, if required, may be extended.

Disclosure Scotland has also introduced an urgent service giving priority to key workers within:

  • healthcare
  • childcare
  • social care
  • social work
  • pharmaceutical
  • prisons and
  • justice sectors

As the situation develops, this list may be adapted to support the Scottish Government and critical national infrastructure such as financial services, during coronavirus. To meet key worker’s needs during coronavirus, Disclosure Scotland will only process priority applications at this time.

To help organisations submit crucial applications during coronavirus, and safely complete the recruitment process as quickly as possible, Disclosure Scotland has also changed how to apply for PVG disclosures. Online application forms are available on Disclosure Scotland’s website. Electronic signatures (typewritten or scanned) are accepted, removing the need to post paper applications during this time.

Please refer to www.mygov.scot/coronavirus-disclosure/ for further information on how to apply.

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