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By Courtney Thorne

7th September 2018

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Many building systems collect data based on simple activity, however this does not provide beneficial insights without spending a great deal of time collating the information. One such solution which is a standard fitment in every care or nursing home and every hospital is the Nurse Call System. Once a simple button and bell alarm, modern systems can be an important management tool, providing insights into the health and security of residents and the effectiveness of staff and processes.

Since we can retrieve raw alarm data from most modern Nurse Call Systems, how can we make better use of this information; make it easier to find, more manageable and therefore more likely to provide the management impetus for positive change?

At Courtney Thorne, we understand the trials and tribulations of managing a residential care home, where time and resources are scarce and keeping a check on residents and staff is a daily challenge. A typical reporting tool in some Nurse Call Solutions allows staff to retrieve data on everything that the system has recorded. However as with any data, further work is required in order to see trends, create meaningful reports and provide evidential information.

Most Courtney Thorne customers, however, can benefit from the addition of the CT Cloud to their existing Nurse Call System. Now in the same way that data can be shared across an organisation, Nurse Call system alarm data can also be made available directly to those authorised to see it.

On a regular basis, all the stored alarm information from your Courtney Thorne system is uploaded to the secure CT Cloud. Then once a day an email is sent to authorised staff with an updated report already formatted to include a whole host of reporting parameters. Using the CT Cloud dashboard, no matter if you are responsible for one home or 50 homes you will instantly be able to see and compare homes, shifts, call types, and response times, including those that exceed your specified tolerances.

The next time you have a CQC audit and are asked if response times are acceptable, you can immediately provide graphs, averages, best and worst times going back as long as necessary. Should a resident’s family complain about long waiting times, you can drill down to a day, a room and a person and find out exactly if a problem exists. This data can then be shared via email with the family as evidence of the level of service your home provides.

Sometimes other influences will affect response times, this could be staff sickness, overwork, or particularly demanding residents. Rather than relying on unsubstantiated claims, an instant reference to accurate information on all activity can be used to justify decisions or to back up arguments for additional resources.

Courtney Thorne’s CT Cloud service costs less than £1.45 per day, can be paid for by a simple monthly Direct Debit with no setup charges. Our customers who already use CT Cloud data have found that not only does it result in enhanced services to residents, relieve staff tensions and create a more efficient home with happier residents and staff, but efficiencies have resulted in cost savings too.

Courtney Thorne will be exhibiting at Care Roadshows in Cardiff (23/10/18) and London (13/11/18), so be sure to visit the team on their stands to hear more about what they have to offer.

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