Covid-19 Essential Skills Course –Safer People Handling

28th April 2020

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We have developed a Safe People Handling – Essential Skills course, which is accredited by RoSPA Qualifications and which is aimed at the urgent requirement a number of businesses face in getting new staff and volunteers onto the care floor with greater urgency whilst ensuring they are safe to practice.

In the coming weeks and months there is a very real possibility that existing members of staff will be lost to self isolation or where they may be experiencing the symptoms of coronavirus. This may lead to the need to get new staff and volunteers trained quickly but efficiently in the essential skills required to conduct a range of transfers.

This may also mean that if you do have qualified trainers on site, they may not have the time and resources to carry out normal training as they may be required to cover other staff shortfalls, or indeed be out of the business for the same reasons as mentioned above.

This new course covers the following areas of people handling:

  • Assisted sit to stand
  • Use of slide sheets in bed
  • Use of an active hoist (stand aid)
  • Use of a passive hoist

The course is delivered in the following way:

  • Upon signing up to this course groups are given 3 months unrestricted access to the Britton Price on line training portal
  • New staff are notified to Britton Price and will be registered to the above system.
  • A time is arranged for the theory element to be delivered and completed via an on line video conferencing system (Zoom). This can be delivered in groups of up to 45 people. All delegates will have been supplied with the required workbook prior to this theory session and the book will be completed during this video call which will last approximately 1.5 hours.
  • The workbooks are emailed back to Britton Price Training for formal marking.
  • Delegates are then required to log on the Briiton Price Training portal and will need to view a required number of training videos and download the accompanying Safe Systems of Work. Our portal records that this has been done by individual user.
  • Once this has been completed there are 2 options for final certification: Option 1 – Where there is a suitably qualified Level 3 trained trainer on site they are able to complete an on the job competency observation of the required transfers/task and then submit the form to Britton Price Training for final certification. Option 2 – In the absence of suitably qualified trainer on the premises a time will be arranged for us to dial in on a video call and observe the required transfers/tasks and once the required level has been achieved we are able to sign off the final competency and issue the certificate. If we conduct the video competency assessment, a recording of the assessment will be kept as competency.

This course has been written as a short term, emergency measure in reaction to the unusual circumstances presented during the Covid-19 outbreak and will not replace the need for more regular training once the outbreak is over.

Much of the training can be done prior to employment commencing, meaning that when new staff arrive on site they are able to become productive much sooner than they would under normal circumstances.

For further information and pricing please contact

We hope you stay safe during this testing time and hope to be able to see things return to normal as soon as possible.

Written by,
The Britton Price Training Team

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